Rule the World

This fic was made for a creative writing challenge. Prompt was: dialogue only, start with the words “what are you thinking about?””how I’m going to take over the world.”


“What are you thinking about?”
“How I’m going to take over the world.”
“Oh, honey, really? We’re at the recital of your youngest son, the least you can do is pay attention.”
“I know, darling, but -”
“No, no buts, you know he worked very hard on this. For weeks he’s been looking forward to you coming to see how he leaves his inferior classmates in the dust.”
“Sweetie, I’m an evil genius, it’s who I am! I can’t just turn it off!”
“Off course I understand that, but we’re your family. We just want to spend time with you. When is the last time we had a romantic night together, just the two of us?”
“Ha! That one is easy; two months ago I took you to Venice.”
“Yes, to test your new freeze-ray on the canals. Don’t lie, that was never about me.”
“Sweetie, we all want to see you succeed in your plans to take over the world, but we’re afraid you’ll forget about us. I mean, just last week -… What is Argon holding? Is that -?”
“From your lab?”
“Is it reversible?”
“No! Oh, I’m so proud, that’s my boy!”