My collection of short stories.

Siren’s Song, What if mermaids were the women that superstitious sailors tossed overboard? Their legs bound as they slowly drowned. {A bit of a darker story, this one}

Sorceress Royal, Written for a prompt which stated that there are two people who are generally found in towers: wizards and princesses.

the Enchanted Baker, Written for the prompt: “Why is there a dragon in your fridge?” “It was hot.” {this story wormed its way into my big worldbuilding project}

Human Care, Inspired by several Tumblr prompts talking about how aliens would view us humans. Fun and lighthearted. {my first sci-fi fic!}

Death’s Diner, What if there was a character who was immortal, but could die? They were simply brought back to life every time. What would their relationship with Death be like? {winner Fantastic Story Competition 2017}

Bloody Werewolves, Scotty’s sister finds out what she’s been hiding all this time: werewolves… {a story fitting within my big worldbuilding project.}

Noor, part Dutch Mythology, part pen-and-paper RPG. This story tells how my Pathfinder character, Noor, found her path towards adventure.

Heritage, Exie comes home to find a weird chest waiting for her. It’s from her crazy aunt Irma, who might not have been so crazy… {a story fitting within my big worldbuilding project.} 

Familiar, A man with no memory is running, but why and from what? {a story fitting within my big worldbuilding project.} 

Aftermath, written for the prompt: Write a scene that takes place immediately after a tragedy, don’t mention the tragedy.’ With witches and werewolves and meddling brothers.

Torrid, written for the prompt: write about the dragon who rescued the princess from the knight.

Breathe, mermaids, pirates and princesses, oh my!

A New School, YA story about a girl who figures out her new school is a lot weirder than it originally seemed… Written for the ‘Writing for Young Readers’ course.

Rule the World, Dialogue only, for the writing prompt: start with the words “what are you thinking about?””how I’m going to take over the world.” Silly and short.

A Lovely Phonecall, cute 500 word story written about a phonecall for the course ‘Writing for Young Readers’. {Or: How my husband and I finally figured it out and came together!}

Metal Magic, Teira, mage and metalworker extraordinaire, makes a very special order. {winner of 2nd place and most creative story, Thishaia’s jewellery story contest}











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