Song of the Faerie Queen

Dance the joyous dance,
careless and free,
Dance until you can dance no more,
though darkened forest,
though winding brook,
Dance to the sounds of the Wild.

Sing the heartfelt song,
emotional and light,
Sing until you can sing no more,
of love and magic,
of tales long forgotten,
Sing the words of Old.

Listen, just listen,
silent and still,
Listen until you can listen no more,
to the beat of the earth,
to the melody of the sun,
Listen to the rhythm of Nature.

Learn the green lessons
ancient and powerful,
Learn until you can learn no more,
of herbs and charms,
of trees and spells,
Learn the ways of Old

Know the vibrant earth,
loving and solid,
Know until you can know no more,
of roots and beast,
of realms long lost,
Know the well worn path.

Dream your heart’s dream,
laughing and flying,
Dream until you can dream no more,
of twirling and spinning,
of soaring ever higher,
Dream of whatever may be.

Rest in my arms,
soft and inviting,
Rest when you’ve done all you could,
I’ll take you to my home,
I’ll lay you in my bed,
Rest with me, my darling child.

{Written in 2011, originally posted on my Deviantart page}

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