Washi Spellcandle

Sometimes we’re in a position where we can’t have an open flame. Or we have a tealight, but what we want is a coloured candle. The solution: washi tape!


Are you in a dorm or other place where you can’t burn candles, but the healing spell asks for a blue candle? Use washi tape to turn your electric candle into a blue one! Do you want to burn a rose candle on your Aphrodite altar but you’re not allowed an open flame? Well, it doesn’t smell like roses but it’s pretty and has pink flowers!


Do you want the tealight in forest-themed travel altar to match the rest of the aesthetic? Washi tape!

Washi tape is removable, so you can keep changing the colour to whatever you need. And you can write on it, so instead of carving candles, you can draw your sigils or runes on the tape for extra power.


Happy Crafting!

(First posted on my Tumblr)