Burnable Spellboxes

For spells, rituals or offerings!


I made these offering boxes to put into the wickercreature at Castlefest 2018, so I wanted to share some ideas!

What you need:

  • Pretty patterned paper (I got some paper blocks from the dollar store)
  • Spell ingredients/Offerings (anything goes as long as it burns)
  • Cord/wool/linnen ribbon (remember: natural fibers)
  • Optional: pretty flowers for the top!

What you do:

Find a favourite tutorial for an origami box online. I used this one. And fold your pretty papers into a box. If you want, decorate the box a bit more. I made three: one for the Goddess Baduhenna, one for Nehalennia and one for the Horned God. I designed bindrunes for them and put them on the bottom of the boxes.


I got some fresh flowers from my garden and wrote down some poems (and made my own) to dedicate to the Gods. Then I added some herbs, lots of Marjoram as a taglock (my name means Marjoram) and even a bit of my favourite perfume. I wanted to make it as personal as possible.


Now simply close them and tie them shut. I used wool in the colours that matched the deities I’m making them for. I also tied some pretty flower to the top!


And there it is! Now my boxes are ready to be sacrificed! Of course you can substitute any offerings by spell ingredients to make it into a spellbox!

(First posted on my Tumblr)