Stones for Cosmic Magic

I was thinking about crystals and gemstones which would be great for star- and cosmic magic, but were not linked to astrology or the planets. So I dove into my books and personal BoS and made this list, which I wanted to share with you all. 

Stones for star and galaxy magic

Meteorite: an actual piece of space debris that crashed to Earth. Magical use: protection, journeying, the spiritual breaking through to the physical, wishes, joy, luck, love, in ancient times they were seen as a gift from the Gods

Impact stones: molten rock and glass which formed from a meteor impact. Types of impact stones are moldavite (green), tektite (black), suevite (mixed breccia), Libyan desert glass (milky white) and irgizite (silvery black) and indochinite (black). The names are linked to the places where they are found. Magical use: connecting with the universe, bringing change into the physical realm, transformation, impact, confrontation.

Moldavite: a green impact stone from two meteors which crashed in Germany millions of years ago. Magical use: luck, fertility, time travel, past lives, inspiration, merging extra-terrestrial and Earth energies

Tektite: a (usually) black impact stone, mostly used for the indochinite that is found in China. Magical use: spiritual growth, fertility, journeying, communication with other realms/worlds

Celestite: a pale grey-blue crystal. The name comes from the Latin Caelestis, meaning ‘celestial’. Magical use: compassion, eloquence, healing, removes stress from physical form

Lapis Lazuli: a dark blue stone with golden sparkles, it looks like a night sky. Magical use: healing, joy, love, fertility, psychic powers, protection, courage, royalty and divinity, relieving depression, uplifting, intuition

Peridot: this pale green crystal is sometimes found within meteorites, making it a good substitute. Magical use: protection, health, wealth, sleep, attracts love, heals trauma, guards against magic, night terrors and illusions

Labradorite: this dark stone which shimmers green and blue looks as if it contains a nebula of stars. Magical use: connects with universal energies, protection, journeying, imagination, confronting the past

Nebula Stone: also known as ‘the Birthstone of the Cosmos’, a green stone with ‘eyes’ in it, which look like nebulae. Magical use: unity, two becoming one, balance, spiritual growth

Diamond: this clear white crystal is sometimes found within meteorites, making it a good substitute. Magical use: spirituality, courage, peace, reconciliation, healing, (physical) strength, eternity, love, cleansing, purifying and releasing in matters of sexuality

Goldstone: a manufactured stone which is made by adding metals to glass, resulting in glittery, shimmery stones that look like stars. Also known as ‘Stellaria’ or ‘Gold Star Glass’ this stone comes in gold, blue and green. Magical use: Gold Variety: money, power, good luck, abundance, sun magic, ambition, determination, energy, courage, positive attitude. Blue Variety: power, divination, star magic, energy, magical power, mystery. Green Variety: money, luck, abundance, earth’s treasures, earth/green magic

Opal: a gemstone that is contains a lot of different crystals, resulting in a shimmery nebula of colours. Magical use: journeying, psychic powers, (inner) beauty, money, luck, power, invisibility spells. Fire Opal: money, fire magic. Black Opal: magic, power

Quartz with inclusions: Clear quartz with inclusions of other stones and minerals, some of which can look like nebulae. Magical use: Phantom Quartz: universal consciousness, healing, meditation. Lodolite: healing, protection, journeying, scrying, emotional healing, transformation, meditation

Bornite: Also known as ‘Peacock Ore’, this copper bearing mineral shimmers with all the colours of the galaxy. Magical use: happiness, joy, protection against negativity, releasing what is no longer useful

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