WarWitch Spellbottle

I wanted to share with you a spellbottle that I like to call my WarWitch pendant. This spellbottle is pretty fierce and forceful, so use with caution. 

I made this pendant for a confrontation I was going to have at work. The higher-ups had been trying for a year to force me to sign a contract taking less hours. I was well within my rights to refuse, which I did, time and time again. It was quiet for a few months before they started again, saying that they wanted to have a conversation with me about my contract. I was angry, I was pissed off and I was beyond done. It felt like I was going to need to go to war. That it was a battle of my will and endurance against theirs, and I was going to WIN. But to do that I needed something to calm my anger, to make sure that I wasn’t going to get emotional in that conversation and that I could stand my ground. Hence this pendant!

Use it when you have a difficult confrontation that could get emotional, either through anger, fear or sadness. Use it when you’re in a situation that’s a battle of wills. Use it when you need to have a conversation where it’s important that your thoughts and words are clear and heard, and where you will not be moved or persuaded to believe something other than your truth. I used this in a work situation, but I can also see this working in a “coming out” situation (although maybe make the words less agressive and fighty). 


WarWitch Spellbottle Pendant

Goal: Winning a battle of wills. Clear communication. Standing your ground. Inner strength in confrontation.

What you need:

  • Bloodstone – Business Success, power, courage, physical strength, magical power
  • Carnelian – Courage, eloquence, peace
  • Garnet – Healing, protection, strength, endurance
  • Willow (oil) – Eloquence, strength
  • Cinnamon – Focus, concentration, communication, courage
  • Basil – Courage in times of great difficulty
  • Rosemary (herb and oil) – mental power, protection
  • Oak (oil) – strength, endurance
  • Salt – protection
  • Glastonbury Water – (Or any magically charged water) Magic, magical strength, emotions
  • (I didn’t have Motherwort at the time, but if you have it, include it. It stands for inner strength, sense of purpose, all will succeed, inner trust, all will work to a positive conclusion)

What you do:

  • Cast your circle like you normally do and invoke what- or whomever you normally invoke (or not) I invoked Baduhenna for this one.
  • Touch the pendant to the throat: “Give me the eloquence I need to speak the truth and the power of my convictions.”
  • Touch the pendant to the heart: “Give me the courage and inner strength to stand against those who oppose me.”
  • Touch the pendant to the solar plexus: “Give me the physical strength to stand my ground.”
  • Touch the pendant to the floor: “Give me the endurance to get through this {situation} and protect me. Against my enemies and negativity.”
  • Touch the pendant to the forehead: “Give me mental strength in this battle of Wills and minds. Give me clarity in thought and communication.”
  • “I will win this fight. As I say, so mote it be!”

(First posted on my Tumblr)