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MM2020This is me

Hello and welcome! I’m Marjolijn, a 35-year-old artist, writer,


crafter, and retail professional residing in the Netherlands. I live in an awesome little house together with my husband and our two monsters/cats named Loki and Eris. {pro tip; don’t name your cats after Gods of chaos…} My day job is inspiring and advising people in one of the biggest arts-and-crafts stores in the Netherlands, and when I come home I continue on crafting and seeking creative inspiration.

{random fun fact; my name, Marjolijn, is a variant of the Dutch word Marjolein, meaning Marjoram. The herb Marjoram means ‘forever happy’ in flower language}


Well crafting of course! That’s what brought you here, didn’t it? But there is a lot more to me than just making shiny things. I’m a dirt-worshipping, tree-hugging, geeky gal who enjoys being in nature as much as she can. I’m obsessed with anything science fiction or fantasy and if it has dragons or fairies in it, that’s usually enough to make me happy! I have a pinterest addiction that I refuse to seek help for and spend a lot of my free time researching history, mythology, and old religions. If something has a galaxy or a Union Jack on it, I usually need to have it, even though I’m neither an astronaut or British (unfortunately).
I love making things for my friends and family, putting a lot of love, energy, and thought into making something that’s especially for them; focussing on what they love and incorporating that into whatever I’m making. This is what I mean when I say everything at Marjolijn Makes is handmade with heart.


Ever since I was a little girl who wrote her first short story {about vampires, how adorable!} I’ve dreamed of becoming a writer. Then I discovered drawing and wanted to be an artist. After that came jewellery and costume parts and teaching classes on crafting and natural spirituality. But there was a dissonance. I kept trying to keep the different pieces of myself; my geeky part, my spiritual part, my girly part, my artistic part, separated. Needless to say that didn’t work. So my dream is to tumble all of these together. To finally step forward and say; this is me. All of me. This is what I create and what I love.
But I don’t want it to stop there. That sentence can continue; …and here’s how you can do it too. I dream of inspiring people, of sharing skills with one another, of empowering you to make and find what you really love!

So come on! Join me and let’s make some stuff! {you know you want to}

Got a question or just want to send me a little hello? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at marjolijnmakes{at}

4 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Hello, just found your site and I love all of it! I’m an ethnically Dutch American and I’m learning so much about Dutch/ancient Germanic goddesses from you. You’ve inspired me to create an art grimoire. 🙂 Thank you!

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely message, it comes at a time where I needed to hear that. I’m always open for any questions you may have, or if you just want to show off your grimoire pages 😉


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