Samha’in Pentacle Spread

Samha’in is, for me, a time to reflect. For some of us it is the witches’ new year, and while I don’t really believe this, I will do an oracle reading every year. I reflect on the reading of the year past and draw new cards for the year to come. In 2017 I made a reading based on the pentagram, and I’d like to share this with you all today!

  1. Me – my year: a general card for how the new year will be for you, especially for your inner world.
  2. Spirit – my spiritual path for the new year: what will happen spiritually? What will I need to focus on and what will I need to change?
  3. Fire – love in the new year: not necessarily romantic love, but relationships in general. What will happen when it comes to love and relationships?
  4. Air – learning and study in the new year: what are areas of knowledge I will need to focus on in the coming year? What will I need to learn?
  5. Water – what needs to be cleansed?: what is it that I need to let go of? What is toxic and/or no longer serving me? What do I need to stop doing or need to cut out of my life?
  6. Earth – career and work in the new year: what will happen career-wise? What do I need to focus on and what needs work when it comes to my working life?

So there it is! I hope it might serve you well at this particular and special Samha’in that we have this year. If you do use it, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Sigil for honouring the ancestors

Samha’in is creeping ever closer (like autumn fog!) so I thought it would be a nice time to share with you a sigil I made a few years ago. This was made for a ritual me and my coven sisters did in honour of Samha’in, where we honoured our loved ones who had passed through the Veil. The sentence to make the sigil was therefore “Beloved Dead, we honour you.

We drew them on glass candleholders and made spellcandles by adding herbs and crystals to it. What I used was:

🍁 Rosemary – remembrance
🍁 Marjoram – brings spiritual bliss to the souls of the departed, personal connection (my name means marjoram)
🍁 Apple – offering, nourishes the souls of the dead
🍁 Thyme – re-establishes communion with those who have past
🍁 Heather oil – invites the spirits to visit
🍁 Willow oil – sacred to the Gods of the Otherworld
🍁 Marjoram oil – see above
🍁 Calcite – closest in consistency to bone, connects with ancestors
🍁 Hematite – blood, the ancestral bloodline
🍁 Obsidian – connections to spirits, seeing into other realms
🍁 Red, White and Black candle wax for the connection through blood (red), bone (white) and spirit (black)

It was a very powerful candle and ritual that year, so I’m bringing it back and making a new candle this year. There are many who I wish to honour.

(the sigil and candle were first shared on my Tumblr)