See the truth

A soft coloured photo of a pair of glasses. The frame is oval shaped and the lenses are a soft pink. The background is soft pink and yellow
Photo by Dids on Pexels

Sometimes our own perception of people can be (rose)coloured because of nostalgia, or the expectations that we have wrongfully placed upon them. This poppet spell helps take off those rose tinted glasses and let go of the person we built in our heads, to instead see and accept the real them.

You need:
– paper and scissors
– pen
– pink coloured pen (optional)
– string or twine

Fold your paper in half and cut out a gingerbread person shape, so you have two separate poppets. On one poppet, write (with rose tinted ink if you wish) your coloured view of this person. On the other, write what you know to be the truth. Make sure these line up on both poppets. So, for example, on your one poppet you write “kindhearted” in pink ink on their left arm. On you other poppet you write “mean” on their left arm.

Lay the poppets on top of each other, writing facing up. Your coloured view will be the top one. With the string, tie their wrist, ankles, waist, and neck together. Take a moment to look at the things you’ve written and see this person in your mind as you see them now.

Over the course of however long it takes (do not rush this!) take the poppet and read one of the qualities you’ve written. Focus on this, why did you think this? Let any thoughts or memories come to you and sit with them for a moment. When you’re ready, cut the thread and fold the limb over until your top writing is no longer visible. Look at the truth you’ve revealed. Why is this the truth? Reflect on what it makes you feel and whatever memories or thoughts come up.

At the end you’re left with a crumpled up poppet. Toss that one out in the trash, you no longer need this twisted view of this person. The other poppet you can keep as a reminder, or simply toss it away as well. Whatever feels right for you.

Be aware that this can be a pretty emotional spell, so really take your time, and let whatever emotions come up sit with you for however long you need. Take your time and take care of yourself.