Fall fun and a Spoonie blessing

In my post about the Autumn Equinox I showed the lovely card that my friend Chantal made me to celebrate the start of Fall (both our favourite season!) Of course she inspired me, and I just had to make one for her as well. A week or so late, but luckily Fall can be celebrated for a while yet!

I made this lovely box for her. It folds up into a square card that fits into an envelope, and when you take it out it bounces back into it’s box form. It was my first time using it and I am absolutely in love! The possibilities are really endless.

For her it is also the start of a big home renovation, with a new living room and kitchen. It’s a stressful few weeks, so I wanted to add something both as a bit of a pick-me-up, and as something for the new kitchen. They collect fridge magnets, and are planning to install a metal plate in the kitchen to display their lovely collection. So why not make a magnet?

Inspired by this lovely plaque by Caralee Wells. She unfortunately doesn’t ship to the Netherlands, so I had to make something myself. My friend loves coffee, so I wanted to add a bit of patterned paper, as well as using distress oxide to age my paper from white to brown. Of course I am a witch, so I actually worked my blessing into the magnet, so that she always may have enough spoons!

She loved it, for which I am grateful. Also, it was the first time in a long time that I made cards again, which was just a lot of fun and inspiring.

Recipe Cards with Lawn Fawn


I have this go-to cookie recipe for delicious oatmeal cranberry and white chocolate cookies that are easy to make and yummy! So when I made them as a thank-you gift for my friend Jessica last year she called me the next day and asked for the recipe. Her and her kids absolutely loved them and I’ve made them a couple of time just for them. I wanted to give her the recipe, but of course in my own creative way! I got these adorable stamp sets from Lawn Fawn which are just perfect to make recipe cards with. I used Baked with Love and Sally’s ABC’s for these.


That same week was my sister Jacqueline‘s birthday, and after fretting for a few days on what to get her, I thought: why not a recipe card as well? I gave this one a moustache from the Love you a Latte stamp set, which is also where the spoon comes from because I thought this one was cuter {so sue me}. I couldn’t give her just a tiny card though, {although I did make a kick-ass bright piñata card} so I made her entire package with all the ingredients she would need. Now she has everything to make her own cookies!


With tea, of course. This was so much fun to put together and to make! Jacqueline absolutely loved it and can’t wait to hear how the cookies turned out.

Bright Piñata


Last Sunday was my sister’s birthday and I, of course, couldn’t let this pass without making a happy card! In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love neon colours. So when I was thinking about what to do with my amazing new Year Seven stamp by Lawn Fawn it wasn’t a very difficult choice. So I coloured the cute little piñata with my Letraset Neon markers and couldn’t stop giggling at their brightness. So now what?


Well, I decided to try if I could stamp with the markers. I knew it worked with Ecoline markers, so why not, right? And it worked! Sister-dear loved the clean style of my Splashing Mermaid and Pastel Rainbow cards, so I decided to use the same stamp set as I did with my mermaid (Joycrafts Grunge set), but this time in OMG-bright colours.


I didn’t have any neon rhinestones, but since the markers are alcohol based, this wasn’t a problem! I used clear rhinestones and coloured them neon. Then I added the confetti and the sentiment. A thin line drawn with a fine-liner and tadaa! The bright birthday card is finished. She loved it and I fell in love with this little piñata. He’s so much fun and so happy, I’m sure I’ll be using him a lot!

Neon Donut ATC’s


It’s been a while since I made any ATC’s, but when I figured I wanted to craft more, the ATC’s seemed like the perfect way to make small projects for the sake of making them, not because I *had* to. {I also blame Lysette for bringing her folder filled with amazing ATC’s, it’s all her fault, really…} So I’ve made a bunch of them over the past few weeks, but I wanted to share these bright creations with you first!

My mom, Nikki {from the Splashing Mermaid Card!} and I had an amazingly fun craft day last week where we just brought some stuff to play around with and make something of it. I knew I wanted to make ATC’s and I knew I wanted something neon {bright colours yay!} I collected everything neon that I could find, but in the end used not a whole lot of it…


I made my own neon paint spray by mixing neon acrylic paint with water and a bit of mod podge. Then I just layered the four sprays I made over each other! First I dabbed them dry, but it took away too much of the paint. So I sprayed them again and dried them with the heat tool instead, which worked like a charm!


I got this amazingly cute Lawn Fawn Donut Worry stamp as a birthday present last November, but hadn’t really done anything with it except try it out once. This of course could not stand! So I stamped the donut on white paper and coloured it in with neon highlighters. After it dried {which took a while} I added white sprinkles with my posca paint pen. I stamped the text on the same paper and cut out a banner with a die I borrowed from Nikki’s stash {which is extensive… oh my!}

I also made adorable rainbow unicorn ATC’s which I will be posting later!


So these are the finished pieces! As soon as I shared the pictures with some of my friends they were all taken within minutes {hihi} I kept the first one myself, but the rest will be traded away!

2. Lysette {Liesy Creative Moments}Twinkle twinkle little bat
3. Karin – (Nothing yet)
4. Judith {Kaarten en Creaties van Judith}Caffeine Addict (purple)

So expect some more ATC’s here in the next couple of weeks. So much fun!