Flash Fiction: Bloody Werewolves

By Gemini-1970 on Tumblr

It’s been hectic here on the story front. I’ve been working on the plot of my novel idea and things are picking up steam. I finally have more of a feel of where I want the story to go and the characters are finally coming to life. Good things!

Annnnnd…. I’m a finalist in the Fantastic Story Competition! {gasp!} My story, Death’s Diner, made the shortlist of ten stories. This weekend is Dutch Comic Con, where on Saturday I will read my story to the public {oh dear… public speaking!} and on Sunday the winner will be announced. After this weekend I’ll post the story here, if you can’t wait, you can read it (and the rest of the shortlist) here.

Anyway, on to this weeks story! It’s set in the city where my novel idea is set, and Scotty is actually one of the character the main character will have a lot of interactions with. It’s a story which dives a little bit into the background of the character, which also allows me to get a better feel for her personality. So enjoy!


   I startled awake by the sound of my front door slamming open.
“Werewolves, Scotty? Seriously?” My sister’s voice called out to me as she made her way towards my bedroom.
I eased my hand away from the knife hidden under my pillow at the familiar sound of her voice.
“This is what you’ve been hiding, bloody werewolves?!” She finally burst into my room in a flurry of dark curls and designer clothes.
“Rosie -” I sighed, so not ready for this discussion at ass-o’clock in the morning.
“Don’t you ‘Rosie’ me, Philomina Bethany Maria Scott.”
Uh-oh, full name usage was a very bad sign. “I’m sorry?” I ventured. By the glare I received I could tell that was not the response she was looking for. I winced, rubbing my hands over my face in an attempt to wake myself up a bit more. I glanced at the clock despairingly and said goodbye to any sleep I might have gotten that night. I’d spent most of the night researching Glaistigs, Green women who lure unsuspecting travellers to their deaths – fun times – for the pack and had only gone to sleep an hour ago. When I looked at my sister again her glare seemed a little less frosty.
She sat down next to me on the bed and patted my leg. She looked at me for a long moment. “I was worried,” she admitted finally. “You were pulling away from me, from us, again and you were showing up with bruises,” she took a shaky breath. “After Trevor-” she trailed off.
She didn’t have to finish that thought. My still sleeping brain jolted more awake as I realized what this would look like to my family. Trevor had slowly kept me away from my family and friends. And after he hit me the first time, well, I was so ashamed that I pulled away even more. There was a reason I hadn’t spoken to my sister in months before I’d finally had the guts to toss him out.
I’d tried to keep my family safe by keeping them out of the werewolf thing. Knowing there was a whole other world out there was dangerous. I absently traced the scar on my forearm. “Rosie, I’m sorry. I didn’t think about how it would look to you. That you’d think – wait, how did you find out it was werewolves?” I looked at her sharply.
She looked back with a mixture of defiance and embarrassment. “I talked to Rowan Hearne.”
“So you walked up to the alpha of the pack and – what?” I asked.
“I may have seen you two together in the city,” she confessed. “I may also have gone over there to warn him what would happen if he was the cause of those bruises around your neck.” She gave the neck in question a meaningful look.
“Wait,” I said, willing my body to wake up as I pulled myself up to sit against my headboard. It’s not like I was going to get any more sleep tonight anyway. “you went to Alpha Hearne and accused him of – what? – abusing me?”
“I may have.” Rosie sniffed indignantly.
I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing. “Oh my God, I wish I’d been there to see his face. Did he do the scowly thing, please tell me he did the scowly thing? With the eyebrows?”
“I was half tempted to warn him his face might stay that way at the stroke of midnight.” My sister grinned at me. “I mean, how do his eyebrows do that?”
“I think he practices his glaring in a mirror.” We both collapsed into a heap of giggles at the thought of big-and-strong-alpha Rowan standing in the mirror practising intimidation techniques.
“He told me to keep you away from them, you know?” Rosie told me, still giggling.
“Are you going to?” I asked, sobering a little.
“Of course not. If anything that told me how much they need you. And you need them. He cares about you, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t try to keep you safe.”
I felt a warm glow in my chest at the words and was sure my cheeks were red. My sister noticed, raising one eyebrow in question. “Shut up.” I told her, giving her a light shove. She backed off, hands raised in surrender, but I noticed the calculating gleam in her eyes.
“It does make you wonder what else is out there, doesn’t it?” She asked, changing the subject. “What else have we met?”
I glanced over to the Monster Manual on my desk, filled with sticky notes. “There’s a lot of them.” I admitted. “I’m working on it.” I gestured towards the stack of books.
She nodded primly. “Well, keep me updated. I am in this now too, you realise?” She gave me a pointed look which looked so much like mom my heart clenched. “No more hiding things.” The from me was left unsaid but I heard it anyway.
“I promise.” I told her, squeezing her wrist for a moment.
“And of course we have to tell dad about this.”
That thought made my heart skip a beat. “No, why would we need to tell dad? I mean, there’s an ocean between us anyway and it’s not like there’s anything he could do from London and -”
“His daughter is running around with mythological creatures that shouldn’t exist and getting hurt in the process.” Another pointed look towards my poor bruised neck. “Secondly, he’s a member of cabinet in Her Majesty’s Government, of course he needs to know!” My sister admonished me. “Who knows how many werewolves live in London?”
“Three hundred seventy two as per November last year.” I murmured absently.
“Scotty!” My sister exclaimed, clearly shocked.
“Yes, I already figured that out! You know how I get when I discover something that interests me. I need to know everything, this is not news to you.”
“No, but how could you keep this from father?” She took a deep breath. “Did you ever consider that he might help them, the wolves? If he knows, he could make life easier for them as well.”
The downside to having sisters is that they know exactly what makes you tick. She just gave the only argument that would work, and from the look on her face, she knew it. I sighed. “I’ll think about it.”
Rosie nodded, apparently satisfied. “Now, your friend Claire said you learned about werewolves on the night you kicked out that tosser Trevor.” She waited for my embarrassed nod. “Tell me.” She demanded, laying on her side on the bed.
I scooted down and laid next to her. “You’ll like this story.” I grinned. “I’ve never seen Trevor that terrified.” And for the next hour, I did exactly that. I told her about how I found out and everything that had happened since until we both fell asleep, still side by side, just like when we were little. And even though I didn’t know I had missed this, missed her, I felt a lot lighter, like a weight had been lifted from my heart.


So that’s it for this week! I’m hoping to upload a new story every week. {plans, yay!} For now, tell me what you think!

Magical Day ATC’s


As promised, the second batch of ATC’s I made during our crafty day with my friend Nikki and my mom. {find the first batch here} After toying around with bright neon colours there was another technique I wanted to try. I’ve had the Docrafts Artiste Watercolour Markers for a while, but never really worked with them. I made a background with them once, but that was it. So, after finding some tutorials and awesome ideas on Pinterest, I wanted to play around with them for a bit. I had loads of fun with them!


I decided to also try and colour the stamps {Avery Elle’s Be A Unicorn} with the watercolour markers, since that was also a new technique for me. {I usually use pro/flexmarkers or colouring pencils}. I loved the effect! The colours flowed beautifully into each other and it took almost no effort at all. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a bright rainbow or a pastel rainbow unicorn, so, why not both?!


The backgrounds were made by drawing a rainbow on a clear acrylic block with the watercolour markers and then spritzing it with water. When pressed to the paper the colours will become a pretty watercolour background, easy peasy! The first time {the ones with the more ‘stripy’ backgrounds} I didn’t use enough water, but I liked the effects anyway. This is how we learn, right? I cut out the tiny unicorns and added them to the ATC’s with a bit of foam tape, then added the tiny stars and the adorable sentiment. Red backgrounds for the bright unicorns and soft purple for the pastels. Love it!


They were so much fun to make and they turned out adorable. I kept the first one myself, but the rest will be traded away!

2. Judith {Kaarten en Creaties van Judith}Een Bloemetje (orange)
4. Lysette {Liesy Creative Moments} – (Nothing yet)


Bonus! I loved the techniques so much, that when I had to make a quick card for the double birthday of my dad and stepmom, I made this adorable pastel rainbow card. Colourful, simple and clean. They loved it!

Neon Donut ATC’s


It’s been a while since I made any ATC’s, but when I figured I wanted to craft more, the ATC’s seemed like the perfect way to make small projects for the sake of making them, not because I *had* to. {I also blame Lysette for bringing her folder filled with amazing ATC’s, it’s all her fault, really…} So I’ve made a bunch of them over the past few weeks, but I wanted to share these bright creations with you first!

My mom, Nikki {from the Splashing Mermaid Card!} and I had an amazingly fun craft day last week where we just brought some stuff to play around with and make something of it. I knew I wanted to make ATC’s and I knew I wanted something neon {bright colours yay!} I collected everything neon that I could find, but in the end used not a whole lot of it…


I made my own neon paint spray by mixing neon acrylic paint with water and a bit of mod podge. Then I just layered the four sprays I made over each other! First I dabbed them dry, but it took away too much of the paint. So I sprayed them again and dried them with the heat tool instead, which worked like a charm!


I got this amazingly cute Lawn Fawn Donut Worry stamp as a birthday present last November, but hadn’t really done anything with it except try it out once. This of course could not stand! So I stamped the donut on white paper and coloured it in with neon highlighters. After it dried {which took a while} I added white sprinkles with my posca paint pen. I stamped the text on the same paper and cut out a banner with a die I borrowed from Nikki’s stash {which is extensive… oh my!}

I also made adorable rainbow unicorn ATC’s which I will be posting later!


So these are the finished pieces! As soon as I shared the pictures with some of my friends they were all taken within minutes {hihi} I kept the first one myself, but the rest will be traded away!

2. Lysette {Liesy Creative Moments}Twinkle twinkle little bat
3. Karin – (Nothing yet)
4. Judith {Kaarten en Creaties van Judith}Caffeine Addict (purple)

So expect some more ATC’s here in the next couple of weeks. So much fun!

Splashing Mermaid


And I’m back! With a WAY late birthday card this time, for my friend Nikki. I asked her two weeks ago when her birthday was and {bad, bad me} apparently I’d already missed it. This of course could not stand, so I made a card that was part apology and part belated birthday card.

Nikki loves mermaids {like me!}, so it was the perfect opportunity to try my new Gorjuss Collectable stamp Awashed. I adore her. I coloured her using my new shiny box of coloring pencils I bought as Christmas present to myself. I added sparkle to the tail with a little Wink of Stella and then cut her out. The splashes are done with the Grunge stampset by JoyCrafts, which I layered over each other in different ink colours.


She loved it so, thankfully, I’m forgiven for missing it this year. It won’t happen again, Nikki, I promise!

Flash Fiction: Noor

From MedievalWitch’s tumblr. It doesn’t exist anymore, if anyone knows whom I should credit, let me know!

Hi guys! Soooo…. It’s been a while {again, I know}. But, the good news is I come with a new story! Dutch Comic Con, together with the American Book Centre here in the Netherlands is organizing a short story competition. I’m so excited. It could be written in English or Dutch, and couldn’t be more than 1000 words. The last part was a bit more difficult for me, but somehow I managed. First I wrote a story called Death’s Diner {which I’m hoping to post after the competition is over}, but I worried that it lacked action. So I wrote another story. In the end I decided I liked Death’s Diner better, and sent that one in. But, I’m still rather proud of my other story, so I wanted to share this one with you.

It’s part Dutch mythology, part pen-and-paper RPG. Noor is the character I play in our Pathfinder games, this is a tiny bit of her backstory. She is a warpriest to the Goddess Baduhenna, Goddess of war and madness. Baduhenna, however, is a ‘real’ Goddess from Dutch mythology. I wrote about her here. So who knows, maybe this is how the Frisians actually won the battle against the Romans {grins maniacally} Are you ready? Here we go!

The rage burned in my stomach, the taste of revenge like blood on my tongue. The forest was filled with the sounds of battle, the screams of our oppressors. Although they were greater in number, the forest was on our side tonight.

I spotted him then, my prey. My vision blurred red as I advanced on him, the rest of the world falling away. It felt like I was about to burst out of my skin, like the fire inside was consuming me. Burning away all that made me sane. A feral grin spread on my face as I embraced the fire, embraced the madness. “Relanius!” I called.

The man before me turned to face me. For a moment, his face looked like that of a demon, evil curling around him in tendrils of shadow.

“You will pay with your blood for what you did to my sister, to my people,” I growled. “I swear it!”

“You cannot win this, Noor!” He called back. “This little rebellion will be struck down, just like the rest of your people.” This was the monster that killed my sister, and tossed her bloody and battered body onto our doorstep. This was the man who broke my parents and because of that, something within me finally broke free.

I wanted to wrap my hands around his throat and squeeze until the life left his eyes. I wanted to cut him for every pain he had caused my sister and watch his blood paint the forest floor red. I wanted his life.

“Yes.” A voice whispered on the breeze. “Now.”

I charged, my attack too wide but made up for by force. I didn’t draw blood, but the monster staggered. I kept advancing, blow after blow. He was more trained, but I was wilder and stronger than I had ever been. The rage within me like fire through my veins, strengthening my strikes.

The shadows over his face swirled like smoke, giving me a glimpse of eyes wide with terror before they burned with hell-fire once again.

I had scared the monster, I realised. A laugh tore out of my throat, ringing through the forest. Part of me wondered what this made me.

“Good” whispered the wind.

A larger part of me agreed with her. With each blow, which each drop of blood spilled, the red haze grew, until the entire world was pulsing like a heartbeat. The only thing that existed were me and my prey. Both of us locked in this fatal dance.

I was losing myself, a distant part of me realised, but I couldn’t stop it. I could only hate and laugh and strike.

Suddenly everything fell silent.



So much pain.

The forest around me turned from red to green and black again in the light of the moon overhead. I looked down to the sword protruding from my chest in disbelief.

My killer had the same shock in his eyes, like he hadn’t believed he could win.

Blood filled my lungs. My sword clattered to the ground as my body lost all its borrowed strength. The forest was dimming around the edges, darkness coming to claim me. The gladius was pulled from my chest, a spray of blood coming with it. As my back hit the forest floor, the world went black.

The darkness was cold and absolute. A whisper of feathers sounded behind me and I turned, but still saw nothing.

“I heard your vow.” A female voice whispered, the same one I had heard in the forest. “Blood for blood. The blood of those invaders for the blood of your people, for your sister.”

“Yes.” I answered.

“I felt your fire. I feel it even now.” Her voice came from all directions and curled around me, like a cloak of ink and feathers.

“Yes.” The rage was still there, tempered now, away from the heat of battle.

“Do you wish to return? To finish what you had vowed to do?” She asked.

“Yes.” No hesitation.

“Will you not rest until your task is complete?” The voice filled with power, with promise.


“Will you bleed them all for what they did to My people, to My forest?”

I realised then, who I was talking to. There was only one answer.

“This is my vow to you, Baduhenna, Goddess of our forest. Upon my blood and my soul, you have my word.” At these words warmth surrounded me.

“Rise, then, my daughter. Rise and show them that which they should really fear in My forest.”

I felt cold lips upon my forehead, the taste of blood once again on my tongue. I opened my eyes and looked up to the night sky.

Crows flew past the moon, their battle cries mixing with those all around me.

I pushed to my feet and took up my sword again. My body took a step forward without conscious thought. I felt distant, like I was one step behind myself, looking through the eyes of a stranger. Baduhenna, I realised as my hand reached out to touch an attacking enemy.

His eyes turn black, like a crow, before he turned to his closest ally and with a manic laugh threw himself at him.

A next attack was struck down with one swipe of my sword, the second blow digging deep into the man’s neck.

The Goddess was using my body to walk across the battlefield. A touch for one enemy, a fatal blow for the next. Another touch, another strike. On and on.

Feathers, black as night, always at the edge of my vision.

When dawn broke, the battle was done. Before me lay the bodies of my enemies.

“Is it done?” I asked my Goddess.

“No, my child, many cowards ran. The monster who took your sister lives still. They will scatter like the wind, but we will find them.” Answered She. “Your journey has only just begun.”

I smiled. “Good.”

So there you have it! A bit of mythology, a bit of fiction, a bit of geekery, a lot of blood {muaha} I need to wait a little bit longer to know if I made it to the top 10 of the story competition, but as soon as I know, you’ll know! Let me know what you think about this one, I’d love to hear from you guys! ‘Til next time!

Cattitude painting

Hi guys! OMG another post so soon? Yeah, it’s a new thing I’m trying, I hope you like it.


I made this adorable painting for my mother-in-law {who is secretly a crazy cat lady}. She is just awesome and helped us remodel our kitchen, which is now so pretty! I wanted to make something for her to thank her. I found this art journal page through pinterest, made by Nika in Wonderland. I loved the design and wanted to make something like that, but more in my style and in her colours.


First I painted a gradient in turquoise and purple and added the cat sillhouette. Then I added some texture to the page using stencils, which was for me a first time using this technique.


I looked at some art journaling pages for ideas for the edges, wanting to do something that was more ‘me’ than the original page. Then I added the quote, which I printed out on normal paper, and added the decorative borders. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to hang it on the wall. It was my first try in the ‘art journal’ style and it was so much fun to do! I’ll definitely be doing more in this style, whether it’s in an actual art journal or on canvas again. Fun!

Writer Canvas Card

Wow, you guys! It’s been a while… Time just ran away from me, mostly fun things, luckily, and work has been hectic. I plan on having more time to blog, write and craft in January. Until then I’m splitting everything into smaller posts. So yay for a new post! {finally}


So my sister-from-another-mother/writing buddy turned 30 last week and I couldn’t let that go without making something spectacular for her. Last year I made her a Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven themed card {or see below} and in the comments she stated that she set a goal for me, to make her a more beautiful card this year. Well then, I couldn’t just let this challenge go, now could I?


This is the first time working with mixed media for me, so lots of hours scouring pinterest and looking for styles and techniques that appealed to me. Above is the work in progress, just before I added the Gesso and really got the party started. Since we’re both writers, and my presents were writer-themed, I wanted the card be about writing as well. I used the Marianne Design cutting die quill and ink (COL1375) and one of the Spellbinders for the plaque where I put the quote on. The rest is stuff I had laying around, like buttons, watchparts, charms and an actual pen-nib.


After that I Gesso’ed {is that a word? It is now…} it, painted it black and then drybrushed it dark red {her favourite colours}. We’d been sending each other quotes on writing for weeks now, so I wanted to incorporate one of the quotes here as well. It’s from William Wordsworth and reads: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” I printed it out in the same typeface as her tattoo, that we got together when we had our 25 year friends anniversary. She had “write” tattooed in this typeface {Jane Austen} and I had “create” which I handlettered myself.

She absolutely adored it and called me crazy because this apparently doesn’t count as a card… {It’s card-sized, so it counts, right?} It was loads of fun to do and I think I’ll be dabbling in mixed media more often from now on. Now to think up something even bigger for next year…


{Last year’s card, which is still on the dresser… yay!}