Drawing myself

I’ve been on a self love journey for over a year now. One of the parts I am focussing on is learning to love my body. When I was younger I’ve been bullied because of my weight. When I became older I was still often judged for it. It came to the point where I wouldn’t wear the clothes that I loved anymore (vintage ’50s dresses) out of fear of being too fat or too old. I got over that, but there was still a lot of work to do about accepting my body. Accepting myself as I am.

I came across a wonderful artist Sara Tisdale (Sergle Art) who has soft and wonderful art of full figured women. Adorable and gently coloured, just very cozy looking. And I fell in love with her style and with the ladies that she shares. So this inspired me to make a self portrait of sorts. Drawing myself as I am, full figured, wearing the clothing that I love, in a soft and loving way.

As I made this drawing I focussed on that feeling of self acceptance and -love. I truly went about it as if it was a ritual for myself. Art magic!

After I finished this self portrait I made another one, this time nude, which was a very confronting and intense magical working. She will become part of a self love altar that I am planning to set up. My work around self love and -acceptance is not done yet, but I am loving the progress I am making.

Pastel Mermaid Card


I just love these clean cards with lots of coloured splashes! I’ve made a neon piñata and a different mermaid card like this before and it’s quickly becoming my go-to stamping method. {My friend Nikki is now calling it the ‘Marjolijn method’, enough said, right?} So when I decided I wanted to do more with my own stamps, I figured that making a splash card like this would work perfectly with my mermaid stamp.


I used my trusty JoyCrafts Grunge set for the splashes and stamped those directly onto the white cardstock. Then I printed my mermaid and coloured it with Letraset Brushmarkers. I added some highlights with white Posca pen and added a beautiful shimmer with Nuvo Aqua Shimmer Glitter Gloss that I am absolutely in love with. Just look at the sparkles! The sentiment is a combination of Lawn Fawn Year Seven and HEMA letter stamps. The pastels really fit the softness of the mermaid and I just love how this card turned out.

You can find the lovely mermaid as a digital stamp in my Etsy shop, or click on the picture below!


New Releases! Narwhal and Nessie


Time for some new digital stamps! These two cuties are the first two of a new series of digital stamps, focusing on adorable mythological animals. {or are they…}


First up is this adorable Narwhal! Narwhals actually do exist of course, and they are called the unicorns of the sea. Back in ye olden days the horns of Narwhals were believed to be actual unicorn horns and were thought to protect against poisoning and other nifty magical things. Find this cutie in our Etsy shop!


Next up is Nessie, the adorble ‘monster’ that lives in the depths of Loch Ness in Scotland. Loch Ness is still on my list of places I need to see, and hopefully a Nessie sighting then as well. A girl can hope, right? Find this cutie in our Etsy shop!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more cute mythical and magical creature stamps!

New release and cards for charity

Hi guys! So, last post I said I wasn’t taking any photos until my shiny new camera lenses got here. Of course, something came up which I had to photograph before sending them. So, hopefully, this will be my last post with pics taken with my phone….


These four little cuties were made for Deviantart’s HolidayCardProject, a charity project Deviantart hosts every year, designed to bring a little cheer to people who are in the hospital during the holiday season. They ask that you make (or buy and spruce up) a card and send it to HQ, they will then distribute the cards around local hospitals. Some cards will even go beyond local and in nine years this has become a global project!


I decided on making a digital stamp especially for this occasion. I started out with a concept of a mermaid, but somehow she turned out to be evil and didn’t want to bring any holiday cheer {you’ll see when I post her…}. Then I suddenly got it; Hoppy Holidays with a cute little christmas-themed bunny!


{Fuzzy phonepic is fuzzy… ahem…} I felt however, that my adorable bunny was missing something. So I gave him antlers and magically turned him into a Jackalope, which is also one of my favourite mythical animals! Win-win!


I wanted to make more than one card, since working with digital stamps like this is fairly easy and quick. It gave me the opportunity to bring more happiness {which is always a good thing} and practice some background techniques. They were so much fun to colour.


The “Hoppy Holidays” used on the cards is a free font I found on dafont, which is a wonderful resource with thousands of amazing free fonts. This font is called Cartoon Blocks Christmas. I wanted something quirky with open letters so I could colour the text as well, and this font was absolutely perfect.


I couldn’t put these cuties in normal envelopes, of course, so I took out my stamps and glitter markers and went a bit wild. The snowflakes are Dovecraft’s Krafty Christmas Snowflakes. The snail mail stamps are from a lovely set by Marianne design, they make every mail happy mail!

20151204_095810 (1)

I wanted to keep the cards as holiday “neutral” as possible, since you never know what people may- or may not celebrate. I found a pretty poem about winter through the Google and wrote that on one side of the cards. We were encouraged to add a way for the people to contact us, so my website address and deviantart were added to the bottom.

So there you have it! My cards for charity! They are on their way to the U.S.A. right now and I hope they can bring a little light to the people who are stuck in the hospital this season.



Would you like to make your own cute Jackalope/christmas bunny cards? You can! This little darling is now available as digital stamp through my Etsy shop.

Happy crafting everyone!


Meet Clary Sage and new stamps!


Meet Clary Sage! The newest member of the Marjoram and Friends family. Clary had been in my head for a while, but I didn’t have a clear view of how to draw her. She’s a bit of a bohemian/hippie/gypsy girl whom we here at home would call a ‘crystal hugger’ hihi.

My awesome stepmom had the cutting die of the hippievan and I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. The card turned out quite big, A5 in size, but it was the only way to get everything on there. The ‘smudges’ are supposed to look like she is dancing with the coloured powder they use in the Indian Holi festival. It was made with pastel chalks.


Clary Sage is now available as digital stamp on my Etsy shop.

Last time I showed you the cute miniature altered tin I made for my friend Flava!


I fell in love with the mermaid design I made for this project and decided that I couldn’t just keep her to myself 😉 So this little cutie is now also available as a instant digital download in the Etsy shop!


Happy coloring!

Judith’s coffee card


My friend Judith celebrated her birthday last friday so I can finally show off this little thing I made for her! Judith is an enormous coffee addict and a designer for the Marianne Design team, so she basically either had or knew every coffee stamp out there. So what’s a girl to do, right? Well draw something herself of course!


So meet Juniper! I sketched her in my trusty sketchbook, went over the lines with fineliner and scanned in the image. Then I cleaned her up a bit, printed her again and coloured her with my lovely Flexmarkers. This was actually the first image I did with them and fell absolutely in love! Now of course I needed a card to put her on. So I wanted to do coffee colours and pink, since that’s Judiths favourite. I also carved the coffee bean stamp out of an eraser, and then gave it to her for her birthday!


I took some dark brown cardstock and stamped the handcarved coffee beans on it, as well as an inksplash stamp which was now a coffee spill. Then I started looking for inspiration on how to layer the card. Layering is something I’m quite new at and find actually very difficult! The pink glittered flower paper was a must since I knew that was totally Judith’s thing.


The white gelpen lines tied it all together. I didn’t have any hot pink rhinestones but luckily you can colour them with alcohol based markers. You can see two tiny ones on the right that I didn’t use, nifty right?


I love the endresult! And I’m happy to report Judith did too!

And this little girly even inspired me into doing a line of digital stamps! They will be called ‘Marjoram and Friends’, Marjoram being the herb I’m named after. There will be boys and girls, all with herb-inspired names and all with their own personality. Juniper is the first one and she is now available as a png digital stamp in the Etsy shop!