Bright Piñata


Last Sunday was my sister’s birthday and I, of course, couldn’t let this pass without making a happy card! In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love neon colours. So when I was thinking about what to do with my amazing new Year Seven stamp by Lawn Fawn it wasn’t a very difficult choice. So I coloured the cute little piñata with my Letraset Neon markers and couldn’t stop giggling at their brightness. So now what?


Well, I decided to try if I could stamp with the markers. I knew it worked with Ecoline markers, so why not, right? And it worked! Sister-dear loved the clean style of my Splashing Mermaid and Pastel Rainbow cards, so I decided to use the same stamp set as I did with my mermaid (Joycrafts Grunge set), but this time in OMG-bright colours.


I didn’t have any neon rhinestones, but since the markers are alcohol based, this wasn’t a problem! I used clear rhinestones and coloured them neon. Then I added the confetti and the sentiment. A thin line drawn with a fine-liner and tadaa! The bright birthday card is finished. She loved it and I fell in love with this little piñata. He’s so much fun and so happy, I’m sure I’ll be using him a lot!

Splashing Mermaid


And I’m back! With a WAY late birthday card this time, for my friend Nikki. I asked her two weeks ago when her birthday was and {bad, bad me} apparently I’d already missed it. This of course could not stand, so I made a card that was part apology and part belated birthday card.

Nikki loves mermaids {like me!}, so it was the perfect opportunity to try my new Gorjuss Collectable stamp Awashed. I adore her. I coloured her using my new shiny box of coloring pencils I bought as Christmas present to myself. I added sparkle to the tail with a little Wink of Stella and then cut her out. The splashes are done with the Grunge stampset by JoyCrafts, which I layered over each other in different ink colours.


She loved it so, thankfully, I’m forgiven for missing it this year. It won’t happen again, Nikki, I promise!

Writer Canvas Card

Wow, you guys! It’s been a while… Time just ran away from me, mostly fun things, luckily, and work has been hectic. I plan on having more time to blog, write and craft in January. Until then I’m splitting everything into smaller posts. So yay for a new post! {finally}


So my sister-from-another-mother/writing buddy turned 30 last week and I couldn’t let that go without making something spectacular for her. Last year I made her a Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven themed card {or see below} and in the comments she stated that she set a goal for me, to make her a more beautiful card this year. Well then, I couldn’t just let this challenge go, now could I?


This is the first time working with mixed media for me, so lots of hours scouring pinterest and looking for styles and techniques that appealed to me. Above is the work in progress, just before I added the Gesso and really got the party started. Since we’re both writers, and my presents were writer-themed, I wanted the card be about writing as well. I used the Marianne Design cutting die quill and ink (COL1375) and one of the Spellbinders for the plaque where I put the quote on. The rest is stuff I had laying around, like buttons, watchparts, charms and an actual pen-nib.


After that I Gesso’ed {is that a word? It is now…} it, painted it black and then drybrushed it dark red {her favourite colours}. We’d been sending each other quotes on writing for weeks now, so I wanted to incorporate one of the quotes here as well. It’s from William Wordsworth and reads: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” I printed it out in the same typeface as her tattoo, that we got together when we had our 25 year friends anniversary. She had “write” tattooed in this typeface {Jane Austen} and I had “create” which I handlettered myself.

She absolutely adored it and called me crazy because this apparently doesn’t count as a card… {It’s card-sized, so it counts, right?} It was loads of fun to do and I think I’ll be dabbling in mixed media more often from now on. Now to think up something even bigger for next year…


{Last year’s card, which is still on the dresser… yay!}

August Card Round-up!

The ending of July and the beginning of August have been busy, craft-wise. Lot’s of birthdays and other parties, plus some more things I made for work. So I figured, best to save them all up and show them to you all in one go! Ready Let’s do this!


We started at the end of July with my mother-in-law’s surprise retirement party! She didn’t want to celebrate yet, but we figured that it deserved a party any way. This card was made with the Marianne Design Design Folder Chickenwire DF3404 and the Collectable Cat COL1353. My mother-in-law’s favourite colours are turquoise and purple, so that’s the colour palette I used.


And what’s a party without a cat-themed cake? It was in the middle of a heat wave, which makes fondant and buttercream a total bitch to work with, but I kinda like the end results! It is of course supposed to be grumpy cat, which she is a huge fan of. Lemon and blueberry cake with creamcheese frosting. Yum!


Next was a birthday card for my step-grandmother. She turned eighty so the entire family went out to dinner, which was a blast. I wanted something soft and pastel and after a lot of experimenting {no really, a LOT} this is the end result. The stamps are BoBunny’s Flutter and the happy birthday cutting die is Spellbinders’ sentiments 3.


Next up: my sister-in-law’s birthday! She adores pink, the brighter the better, so I did my best to make it as pink as possible. I started with the roses background, which was made with the Lin and Lene Embossing Background: Rose and Leaves. I put pink stampink ink on the Embossing stencil and then put it through my machine, giving me a coloured impression of the roses. The little cake is made with thin washi tape which I doodled around and the happy birthday is again Spellbinders’ Sentiments 3. I started this card for my step-grandmother, but as it came together brighter and brighter pink, I figured this would be better for my sister-in-law. Who adored it!


My crafty friend Judith also had her birthday in August, and I of course had to make a card for her as well. We share a love for all things London and the Union Jack so I knew I wanted to make a Union Jack card for her. The Union Jack is hand-drawn and then cut out, hence it’s a little out of wack… But it still looks kinda cool I think! And suprise, surprise, the happy birthday is again Spellbinders Sentiments 3!


At work we’re putting the spotlight on watercolours this month. So I figured it would be nice to make a small card to go with it as a showcase. I first sketched the rough outlines in pencil, which I then filled with the watercolours. Then I drew the final outlines with a finelines and added the zentangle/doodle designs within the feathers itself. Superquick, but fun card to make!


Bonus pic! Sometimes, you get an email from headquarters saying that there is something you HAVE to make, for the window display or a themed display in the stores. This month that was painted stones, combined with googly eyes. I had so much fun thinking up all these faces, I just had to share them with you all.

So there you have it! That was it for today, see you soon!

Catching Dreams and Falling Feathers

One of the biggest trends in the craftworld right now is dreamcatchers. So many new stamps, cutting dies, stencils and other fun crafty stuff are coming out right now and being a fan of dreamcatchers myself, I’m loving it! One of the best things of working at a craftshop is that part of your job is to actually be crafty and make a bunch of stuff that inspire customers to make stuff themselves. So, with the dreamcatcher craze going on, I figured I’d show you guys and gals some of the fun things I made for our store!


{crappy picture is crappy, I know, I’ll update it soon…} The first thing I wanted to show you was an actual dreamcather! I was the only one who’d actually made one before so our manager asked me to make a big one to hang on the wall. She also brought the idea to use the paper feathers in sweet mint and lilac, and I chose the other colours to match those. It’s a lot busier than the normal dreamcatchers that I make, but this seems to be the boho trend right now, so why not combine all of those. I do love how it turned out!


Marianne design also hopped on the dreamcatcher bandwagon and brought out an amazing collection of a cutting die (CR1373), a beautiful clearstamp (CS0975) with a bunch of texts about dreams and a bunch of cute feathers (CA3129). This one I wanted to make with sweet pastels to match the feather colours.


This one I wanted to give bright, summery colours to match the fashion trends right now. Summery, ibiza style brightness!


And something completely different, but still made with the same die and stamps. The purple feathers are the feathers that are supposed to be on the bottom of the dreamcatcher, but I had this idea of a calm card in purple shades with falling feathers on the side and a quote next to it. This is what came out and I have to admit, although I *love* the dreamcatchers, this is my favourite.

So this was my creative debauchery for the past weeks. I’d love to hear what you think and hear what you’ve been up to! ‘Till next time!

Birthday Cards Galore!

January is always a busy month, birthday wise. We’ve got a bunch of friends and family who celebrate their birthdays in January and the beginning of February, then it’s sort of quiet all the way to September. Last year I started making personalized cards for everyone’s birthday and I loved doing it! So even though it’s kinda hectic in January with so many birthdays, I made everyone a personalized card.


The first one is for my friend Nikki. She loves the Gorjuss girls as much as I do, so it needed to be something with a Gorjuss stamp. This was the first time I tried paper patching, I stamped the image again on a patterned paper and cut out the dress and boots, which I then glued on top of the image stamped on white paper. I loved the effect! I need a bit of a busier pattern next time though…


The next one is for my friend Marlon. She loooooooves to crochet and makes the coolest things! A while ago I picked up the Marianne Design cutting die with yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles and knew I wanted to do something fun with that one. This quote is one I knew she loved, so I thought, why not make the yarn and needles into a sort of skull-and-bones? The background is stamping ink through a masking stencil and the quote is a combination of stamping and hand lettering. I adore this one and she absolutely loved it!


Mum was up next. She has a washi tape addiction {like me…} so card needed to be something with washi tape. Through Pinterest I found a washi tape and stamp card which design I adored and blatantly copied… {sorry not sorry} But then I needed a fun quote, which proved a bit more difficult. I came across an artwork with this quote and absolutely loved it in combination with the already rainbow colours. The tiny unicorn is a hand-embroidery design from Urban Threads that I picked up a while back. Check out her site and sign up for the newsletter, not only are the hand-embroidery design amazing and cheap digital stamps, she has awesome sales that make the designs even cheaper!


Last one {for now} is the card I made for my Grandpa. He loves birds and when I was younger we used to spend entire afternoons just sitting in the garden and watching the birds flit by. I made the little birdhouse by taking a normal A6 sized card and cutting the corners off of the top. The heart was taken out with a cutting die, strips of scrapbook paper for the roof and bottom et viola! We have a tiny birdhouse. The little birds are cut from jute paper using a cutting die and embellished with promarkers. I doodled the hearts and swirls and added a ‘happy birthday’ sentiment inside. He loved it!


Okay fine, one more then {hihihi} Although this one is a little bit older, from the end of November. My amazing friend Chantal had her birthday. We both share the same passion for literature, writing and all things dark and Gothic. I wanted to make an awesome birthday card for her that show all these things. The card is in ‘her’ colours: black and bloodred, with one of our favourite poems, the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. {seriously, you need to listen to this version, told by the amazing Christopher Lee} The ravens and the quote were handdrawn on vintage style paper. I added the feathers last minute, feeling that the card was missing something. They complement the card perfectly! I absolutely loved it and it’s still on her dresser, so I must have done something right *grin*

See you in about two weeks with another batch of birthday cards!

New release and cards for charity

Hi guys! So, last post I said I wasn’t taking any photos until my shiny new camera lenses got here. Of course, something came up which I had to photograph before sending them. So, hopefully, this will be my last post with pics taken with my phone….


These four little cuties were made for Deviantart’s HolidayCardProject, a charity project Deviantart hosts every year, designed to bring a little cheer to people who are in the hospital during the holiday season. They ask that you make (or buy and spruce up) a card and send it to HQ, they will then distribute the cards around local hospitals. Some cards will even go beyond local and in nine years this has become a global project!


I decided on making a digital stamp especially for this occasion. I started out with a concept of a mermaid, but somehow she turned out to be evil and didn’t want to bring any holiday cheer {you’ll see when I post her…}. Then I suddenly got it; Hoppy Holidays with a cute little christmas-themed bunny!


{Fuzzy phonepic is fuzzy… ahem…} I felt however, that my adorable bunny was missing something. So I gave him antlers and magically turned him into a Jackalope, which is also one of my favourite mythical animals! Win-win!


I wanted to make more than one card, since working with digital stamps like this is fairly easy and quick. It gave me the opportunity to bring more happiness {which is always a good thing} and practice some background techniques. They were so much fun to colour.


The “Hoppy Holidays” used on the cards is a free font I found on dafont, which is a wonderful resource with thousands of amazing free fonts. This font is called Cartoon Blocks Christmas. I wanted something quirky with open letters so I could colour the text as well, and this font was absolutely perfect.


I couldn’t put these cuties in normal envelopes, of course, so I took out my stamps and glitter markers and went a bit wild. The snowflakes are Dovecraft’s Krafty Christmas Snowflakes. The snail mail stamps are from a lovely set by Marianne design, they make every mail happy mail!

20151204_095810 (1)

I wanted to keep the cards as holiday “neutral” as possible, since you never know what people may- or may not celebrate. I found a pretty poem about winter through the Google and wrote that on one side of the cards. We were encouraged to add a way for the people to contact us, so my website address and deviantart were added to the bottom.

So there you have it! My cards for charity! They are on their way to the U.S.A. right now and I hope they can bring a little light to the people who are stuck in the hospital this season.



Would you like to make your own cute Jackalope/christmas bunny cards? You can! This little darling is now available as digital stamp through my Etsy shop.

Happy crafting everyone!


Meet Clary Sage and new stamps!


Meet Clary Sage! The newest member of the Marjoram and Friends family. Clary had been in my head for a while, but I didn’t have a clear view of how to draw her. She’s a bit of a bohemian/hippie/gypsy girl whom we here at home would call a ‘crystal hugger’ hihi.

My awesome stepmom had the cutting die of the hippievan and I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. The card turned out quite big, A5 in size, but it was the only way to get everything on there. The ‘smudges’ are supposed to look like she is dancing with the coloured powder they use in the Indian Holi festival. It was made with pastel chalks.


Clary Sage is now available as digital stamp on my Etsy shop.

Last time I showed you the cute miniature altered tin I made for my friend Flava!


I fell in love with the mermaid design I made for this project and decided that I couldn’t just keep her to myself 😉 So this little cutie is now also available as a instant digital download in the Etsy shop!


Happy coloring!

Birthday Weekend


I think everybody knows those weekends, the ones where all you have to do is go to peoples birthdays. Somehow you can go for weeks without anyone celebrating anything, and then *bam*, your entire weekend is stuffed! We had one of those weekends. But that also means an excuse for me to make some cards! The one above is for our friend Jelrik, who celebrated by hosting a gaming day. I got the adorable Cthulhu design from Urban Threads, whose hand embroidery design make awesome digital stamps. And very afforable too! The little balloon is from a Marianne Design limited edition Creatable which I cut out of a paint chip. It makes the cute Cthulhu look even more happy and cute. I might have to make one with the same design where he is jumping out of a cake. What do you guys think?


The second card I made for a friend of my father, who invited us to dinner for her birthday. We had a delicious cold buffet with lost of veggie dishes and salades, as always, they know how to cook. She loves nature patterns and color so I decided to go for some feathers. Which, totally coincidentally of course {ahem}, meant that I could try out my new Spellbinders Dies. I am totally in love with the Spellbinder sentiments! I already owned one set, of which I have the ‘hello’ now in vinyl on my front door and made the most adorable baby card with it. The ‘happy birthday’ is from the Spellbinder D-lites dies – Sentiments 3, which also has one that says ‘with love’, too cute! My newest obsession is peacock feathers, which colours inspired the colours of my craftroom, so of course I also needed {yes needed…} a die with it. The feathers came in a cute set of two and are called ‘feathers on the wind’ from their Shapeabilities collection. The card didn’t turn out as I envisioned it, but I love the combination of colours and the simple-ness of it.

OmacardThe last card I made for my Grandma. She loved the embossed background and the cute little fairy stamp from Marina Fedotova. I absolutely adore her beautiful fairy designs that just call out to be coloured in pastels. Which of course gave me an excuse to practice with my Flexmarkers again! The ‘love’ is from the aformentioned Spellbinders Sentiments 3 which was really the finishing touch on this card. I tried to keep it soft and colourful, really making the stamp the star of the show. I think I pulled it off quite well!

Judith’s coffee card


My friend Judith celebrated her birthday last friday so I can finally show off this little thing I made for her! Judith is an enormous coffee addict and a designer for the Marianne Design team, so she basically either had or knew every coffee stamp out there. So what’s a girl to do, right? Well draw something herself of course!


So meet Juniper! I sketched her in my trusty sketchbook, went over the lines with fineliner and scanned in the image. Then I cleaned her up a bit, printed her again and coloured her with my lovely Flexmarkers. This was actually the first image I did with them and fell absolutely in love! Now of course I needed a card to put her on. So I wanted to do coffee colours and pink, since that’s Judiths favourite. I also carved the coffee bean stamp out of an eraser, and then gave it to her for her birthday!


I took some dark brown cardstock and stamped the handcarved coffee beans on it, as well as an inksplash stamp which was now a coffee spill. Then I started looking for inspiration on how to layer the card. Layering is something I’m quite new at and find actually very difficult! The pink glittered flower paper was a must since I knew that was totally Judith’s thing.


The white gelpen lines tied it all together. I didn’t have any hot pink rhinestones but luckily you can colour them with alcohol based markers. You can see two tiny ones on the right that I didn’t use, nifty right?


I love the endresult! And I’m happy to report Judith did too!

And this little girly even inspired me into doing a line of digital stamps! They will be called ‘Marjoram and Friends’, Marjoram being the herb I’m named after. There will be boys and girls, all with herb-inspired names and all with their own personality. Juniper is the first one and she is now available as a png digital stamp in the Etsy shop!