Word of the Year

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. They never work for me, and I’d rather start working towards a goal when I am well prepared and truly ready, than waiting for a specific date. Something else that I have seen pop up more and more over the years, however, is the Word of the Year.

A tradition which started in the scrapbooking world, coined by Ali Edwards. You choose One Little Word (the name of her project) on which to focus for a year. It will be your guide, something to work on and something to inspire you throughout the year. I was thinking about a word of the year, not even necessarily because I wanted to choose one. But one came up anyway, and in such a clear and strong way that I knew I needed to do something with it.

Trust. I’m probably not the only one whose trust has taken a beating by everything that has happened in 2020. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had moments where I’ve felt betrayed by our governments, by society, family, friends, my own mind, and my body. It was a difficult year. I honestly don’t know if I can find it within myself to trust certain people again. Or even if I should. I even stopped trusting my own instincts and my own body when I got sick with covid. Now I’m nine months into what they are now calling long-covid, and some things might never get better. Times are still very uncertain, in a lot of different ways.

And therefore trust is a word I want to dive deep into in the coming year. What does it mean, what does it mean to me? How can I rebuilt the trust that has been broken? Do I even want to, or is it in some cases better to move on? I want to trust my body again. I want to trust life again.

There are themes that I’ve already started working on earlier, that I of course also will keep working on in the coming year. So, perhaps it is not one word of the year, but more like three. Acceptance, amongst other things because of my health. And self-love is an ongoing journey that I will still set aside my new moons for. So:


Do you have a word of the year? Or any themes you wish to explore in the coming year? Share them with me in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Word of the Year

  1. It is scary that you had Covid. I hope recovery is progressing with long Covid. Over twenty years ago, I had a flu so severe it entirely wiped out my sense of smell for a number of days, and by association most of my sense of taste. It was like all color had drained from the world… everything was very constrained and gray, so to speak. I hope that your sense of smell and taste are O.K. May you fell better and better! Here is to a brighter 2021!

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    1. That is fortunately(?) the one thing that I didn’t get from covid. For me it is a constant shortness of breath, feeling like something heavy is pressing on your chest. Tired all the time, can’t really do anything that is physically exerting. We know that it damaged my lungs in the sense that I now have some form of asthma that we’re still figuring the medication for. I’m getting help, I’m hoping to improve a lot of things. On to a brighter 2021 indeed, also for you!

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  2. Trust is a difficult thing, I know….
    I have 2 words: Peace and quiet…. There is so much going on in my life, in my world. My brain and my body are making overtime….. So maybe I should frame that and put it on my wall to see…..
    I wish a trustworthy 2021 for you, stay safe! xxx


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