Sigil for honouring the ancestors

Samha’in is creeping ever closer (like autumn fog!) so I thought it would be a nice time to share with you a sigil I made a few years ago. This was made for a ritual me and my coven sisters did in honour of Samha’in, where we honoured our loved ones who had passed through the Veil. The sentence to make the sigil was therefore “Beloved Dead, we honour you.

We drew them on glass candleholders and made spellcandles by adding herbs and crystals to it. What I used was:

šŸ Rosemary – remembrance
šŸ Marjoram – brings spiritual bliss to the souls of the departed, personal connection (my name means marjoram)
šŸ Apple – offering, nourishes the souls of the dead
šŸ Thyme – re-establishes communion with those who have past
šŸ Heather oil – invites the spirits to visit
šŸ Willow oil – sacred to the Gods of the Otherworld
šŸ Marjoram oil – see above
šŸ Calcite – closest in consistency to bone, connects with ancestors
šŸ Hematite – blood, the ancestral bloodline
šŸ Obsidian – connections to spirits, seeing into other realms
šŸ Red, White and Black candle wax for the connection through blood (red), bone (white) and spirit (black)

It was a very powerful candle and ritual that year, so I’m bringing it back and making a new candle this year. There are many who I wish to honour.

(the sigil and candle were first shared on my Tumblr)


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