Fiction Friday: Six word stories

Chandra galaxy, from the NASA website

I know, I know, I promised you another part of Of Wolf and Man. I swear it’s coming, just not this week. See, I took a little tumble down the stairs {actually, one step, but that sounds so lame} and busted up my ankle pretty good. This means that I couldn’t sit up for too long and my focus is shot to hell. I tried writing, but I didn’t get any further than 4 sentences. So, better luck next week!

For now though, have some six word stories! I love this concept and am usually thinking up a few of these. I want to make a page in my writers journal for them and just jot down a few as I think of them. I wrote a few this week {today… shh} but these three I liked best. Enjoy and tell me your six word story!

Her fall finally felt like freedom


“Fairytales don’t exist,” said the werewolf


The stars slowly faded to black


And a bonus one that is not mine, but a Critical Role quote that makes the best six word story:

I broke the world for us…

I just love that one!

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