August Card Round-up!

The ending of July and the beginning of August have been busy, craft-wise. Lot’s of birthdays and other parties, plus some more things I made for work. So I figured, best to save them all up and show them to you all in one go! Ready Let’s do this!


We started at the end of July with my mother-in-law’s surprise retirement party! She didn’t want to celebrate yet, but we figured that it deserved a party any way. This card was made with the Marianne Design Design Folder Chickenwire DF3404 and the Collectable Cat COL1353. My mother-in-law’s favourite colours are turquoise and purple, so that’s the colour palette I used.


And what’s a party without a cat-themed cake? It was in the middle of a heat wave, which makes fondant and buttercream a total bitch to work with, but I kinda like the end results! It is of course supposed to be grumpy cat, which she is a huge fan of. Lemon and blueberry cake with creamcheese frosting. Yum!


Next was a birthday card for my step-grandmother. She turned eighty so the entire family went out to dinner, which was a blast. I wanted something soft and pastel and after a lot of experimenting {no really, a LOT} this is the end result. The stamps are BoBunny’s Flutter and the happy birthday cutting die is Spellbinders’ sentiments 3.


Next up: my sister-in-law’s birthday! She adores pink, the brighter the better, so I did my best to make it as pink as possible. I started with the roses background, which was made with the Lin and Lene Embossing Background: Rose and Leaves. I put pink stampink ink on the Embossing stencil and then put it through my machine, giving me a coloured impression of the roses. The little cake is made with thin washi tape which I doodled around and the happy birthday is again Spellbinders’ Sentiments 3. I started this card for my step-grandmother, but as it came together brighter and brighter pink, I figured this would be better for my sister-in-law. Who adored it!


My crafty friend Judith also had her birthday in August, and I of course had to make a card for her as well. We share a love for all things London and the Union Jack so I knew I wanted to make a Union Jack card for her. The Union Jack is hand-drawn and then cut out, hence it’s a little out of wack… But it still looks kinda cool I think! And suprise, surprise, the happy birthday is again Spellbinders Sentiments 3!


At work we’re putting the spotlight on watercolours this month. So I figured it would be nice to make a small card to go with it as a showcase. I first sketched the rough outlines in pencil, which I then filled with the watercolours. Then I drew the final outlines with a finelines and added the zentangle/doodle designs within the feathers itself. Superquick, but fun card to make!


Bonus pic! Sometimes, you get an email from headquarters saying that there is something you HAVE to make, for the window display or a themed display in the stores. This month that was painted stones, combined with googly eyes. I had so much fun thinking up all these faces, I just had to share them with you all.

So there you have it! That was it for today, see you soon!

One thought on “August Card Round-up!

  1. Can’t choose which one I like best 😻
    They are all unique with your personal touch added to everything

    I can imagine the joy of anyone on the receiving end

    Well done!


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