Business Card Holder

As promised, part two of my homemade holiday gifts! Last time I showed you the small angel themed altar I made for my mother. This time I want to show you guys the business card holder I made for my amazing sister!


My sister’s dream is to start her own photography studio and she’s working really hard towards making that dream come true. She’s an amazing photographer who, not only took my wedding photos, but the photos of me on the This is Me page as well. I know, without a doubt, that she can do it and she will kick ass! So this holiday season I wanted to make something for her studio, something cute and functional. I spend some time browsing pinterest and eventually chose to make a business card holder.

The camera is made from clay, following this tutorial. I rolled out some white clay and cut it with a scalloped fondant cutter. I then cut the scalloped circle in two, with one piece slightly larger than the other. The tiny birdy was also made from polymer clay.


The colours she uses in her studio branding are white, orange and gray/black, so I wanted to make sure I used these colours as well. The tiny bunting line is made from two cakepop sticks with some bakers twine strung between them. The buntings themselves are washi tape! Everything was put together on a birch slice which fits the rest perfectly, I think.

It’s not perfect, but I am quite proud of it, actually. My sister adored it, which is of course what it was all about!

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