New release and cards for charity

Hi guys! So, last post I said I wasn’t taking any photos until my shiny new camera lenses got here. Of course, something came up which I had to photograph before sending them. So, hopefully, this will be my last post with pics taken with my phone….


These four little cuties were made for Deviantart’s HolidayCardProject, a charity project Deviantart hosts every year, designed to bring a little cheer to people who are in the hospital during the holiday season. They ask that you make (or buy and spruce up) a card and send it to HQ, they will then distribute the cards around local hospitals. Some cards will even go beyond local and in nine years this has become a global project!


I decided on making a digital stamp especially for this occasion. I started out with a concept of a mermaid, but somehow she turned out to be evil and didn’t want to bring any holiday cheer {you’ll see when I post her…}. Then I suddenly got it; Hoppy Holidays with a cute little christmas-themed bunny!


{Fuzzy phonepic is fuzzy… ahem…} I felt however, that my adorable bunny was missing something. So I gave him antlers and magically turned him into a Jackalope, which is also one of my favourite mythical animals! Win-win!


I wanted to make more than one card, since working with digital stamps like this is fairly easy and quick. It gave me the opportunity to bring more happiness {which is always a good thing} and practice some background techniques. They were so much fun to colour.


The “Hoppy Holidays” used on the cards is a free font I found on dafont, which is a wonderful resource with thousands of amazing free fonts. This font is called Cartoon Blocks Christmas. I wanted something quirky with open letters so I could colour the text as well, and this font was absolutely perfect.


I couldn’t put these cuties in normal envelopes, of course, so I took out my stamps and glitter markers and went a bit wild. The snowflakes are Dovecraft’s Krafty Christmas Snowflakes. The snail mail stamps are from a lovely set by Marianne design, they make every mail happy mail!

20151204_095810 (1)

I wanted to keep the cards as holiday “neutral” as possible, since you never know what people may- or may not celebrate. I found a pretty poem about winter through the Google and wrote that on one side of the cards. We were encouraged to add a way for the people to contact us, so my website address and deviantart were added to the bottom.

So there you have it! My cards for charity! They are on their way to the U.S.A. right now and I hope they can bring a little light to the people who are stuck in the hospital this season.



Would you like to make your own cute Jackalope/christmas bunny cards? You can! This little darling is now available as digital stamp through my Etsy shop.

Happy crafting everyone!


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