Travel Altar: the Goddess

So me and my merry circle of pagans decided we wanted to make a small travel altar we could take with us on holidays and the like. Over the next months we’ll be working on it, making all the different components by hand, and decorating the old cigar boxes we’re going to use to put everything in. It’s also a great excuse to try a bunch of different techniques and make a lot of pretty pagan stuff!

This week we made our small Goddesses out of polymer clay (fimo). We actually started last time, but since one of our circlesisters was absent, we decided to do it all over again. Besides, you can never have enough Goddesses, right?


This is the Goddess I made last week. She was supposed to be Nehallenia, the North Sea Goddess, but I found Her colours way too vibrant for our muddy sea ;). So I turned Her into a mermaid Goddess instead. The scales were made with a fondant sculpting tool {which work awesomely for clay as well!} and the crown is a tiny real shell and glass seed beads. I have big plans for this little beauty, but it’s a surprise!


Meet the Moonmother, She is the night sky personified. I made her with four tints of clay, after which I used silver and anthracite to make Her little moonbelly. When She was cooled I used white paint to paint little dots and stars all over and added silver into the little moon upon Her brow. She is actually a lot smaller than the mermaid. This is the Goddess that I’m going to take with me in my travel altar. I absolutely LOVE how She turned out.


We had some time to spare, so we made another Goddess in a different design. This one sitting up with Her hands a bit more defined. Her lower half is a tiny offering bowl for flowers, gemstones and the like. This Goddess is made with silver glitter clay and the inside of the bowl is painted with a coat of shiny silver paint. Next time I’ll be making a tiny Golden God in the same way.

So there you have it, the start of our travel altar is here! I’ll be posting the stuff we make as we make them and hopefully inspire you to make your own. And to finish off a question: Should I make a tutorial on how to make the little Goddesses? Just let me know in the comments!

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