Another year Eldar…


Oh dear that title is horrible! Anyway, this is a card I made for my friend Jasper who turned the big three-oh. Since he is one of our Warhammer geeks, I wanted to make a Warhammer 40k themed card for him. He plays Eldar, so I just had to…

First I looked for some lineart that I could colour with my new set of awesome Letraset Flexmarkers so I went to the Google and when that turned up nothing, our trusty Deviantart. I found this little chibi guy on Julia’s page, which has some more cool Warhammer themed lineart. The white and green are the colours of Jasper’s army, so I coloured the cute thing so it would fit right in.

Then came the hard part. I had my Eldar… now what… The Husband suggested a Webway Gate. Now, The Husband and Friends have been playing Warhammer 40k for about ten years. Me, not so much. So I had no idea what a Webway Gate was. Google was my friend yet again and I found this picture of an Eldar portal;

Eldar Portal Wargamer
Eldar Webway by the Wargamer

Well that just looked awesome and like something I could actually incorporate onto a card. First I did some brainstorming on how to make the glowy portal itself. I took some clear sheet, we call it mika, and coloured it with my flexmarkers, dotting with the brush to make the cloudy effect. The ‘leg’ was next. I free-handed the basic shape onto some white cardstock and cut that. Then I layered it with two more layers of white cardstock, adding foam in between to give it depth. It came out too white for my tastes however, so I coloured the bottom green again, tying it all together.

All in all it was quite an energy intensive card to make, but a LOT of fun to do. And the birthday boy loved it!


{Disclaimer, I do not own Warhammer or the Eldar. No profit was made, this was solely for entertainment purposes}

One thought on “Another year Eldar…

  1. Personal cards are the best! I just love the technique you used on the clear plastic sheet! Lucky for me I stocked up on mica sheets this week 😀

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