Monster Cakesmash Cake!


Last month my sister, who is an awesome photographer, called me that she needed a cake for an adorable one-year-old’s cakesmash photo shoot. So, after browsing pinterest and throwing some ideas back and forth we settled on a monster cake! We found this tutorial, which we didn’t end up using, but was a great inspiration.


Jacqueline (my sister) had the cool idea to bake the cake itself in large ceramic bowls to already give them their round shape. After they’d cooled we cut them in half and filled them with cream and strawberry jelly. Yum!


Decoration time! We gave it a base layer of bright green buttercream before adding the ‘hair’. This was done with the Wilton grass tip 234. Starting at the bottom, set the grass tip to your cake and squeeze a little bit of buttercream through the tip, creating the hairs of your desired length. Go all around the cake, then do the same a little bit higher, slowly working your way up. Jacqueline made the horns out of bright blue fondant. After we added the horns to the cake I went back with my grass tip and added a few more hairs around the horns, making them sit more naturally on the monster. We added the eye and the mouth, and our adorable monster cake was done!


And little Nathan loved it! Look at him being all destructive!

3 thoughts on “Monster Cakesmash Cake!

  1. Love the cake, and your sis is a fab photographer! I’m not easily impressed, but she’s good πŸ™‚ Creativity must run in the family genes!


    1. She’s amazeballs! I was lucky enough to have her as my wedding photographer! Yeah, even though we don’t share any genes (officially there should be a ‘step’ before sister…) we have a pretty creative family going on πŸ˜€


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