FallOut 4 Card


My husband is a huge Fallout fan, and a Bethesda fan in general. For those who don’t know it; Fallout is a game where you play in a post-apocalyptic landscape and try to survive. It’s one part gritty darkness and one part fifties view of the apocalypse. On the 15th of June, Fallout 4 was finally announced! My husband was of course jumping for joy, but then it got even better; they had an amazing pre-order edition with a pip boy, a wristmounted computer used in the game. The pip boy you get with the pre-order will hold your smartphone, where you can add apps that connect with your game, so you can change your weapons or armor on your wristmounted phone and it will change instantly in game. How cool is that?! So of course I had to give my awesome husband an early Christmas present by getting him the pre-order pip boy edition.

This is what it looks like. Really awesome! Of course, I did this as a surprise so I wanted to make a card to give him, since the game won’t be out until November. I printed an image of the vault boy, an iconic Fallout character, which I found on the internet and coloured it with my trusty letraset flexmarkers. I tried to give the card a bit of the gritty, almost steampunk feel of the game, which, according to my husband, I succeeded in, yay!


I used; Spellbinders M-bossabilities EL-015 Bricks and Bark, Spellbinders M-bossabilities E3D-002 Creative Cogs, Spellbinders Nestabilities S5-048 Sprightly Sprockets {such a cute name!} and the X-cut Large Pocket Watch Chronology die.

5 thoughts on “FallOut 4 Card

  1. …. And you told me you are, like me, not into making “male” cards…. You are quite good at it! Love the combo of the paper and the die cuts.


  2. It inspired me to get the Joy!crafts “gears” stencil, together with your great tip on metal tape, I’m hoping to make some grungy looking cards!


  3. I adore the joy!crafts gears! I got both the gear border and the gears in our sale. They work amazingly on cards, check out some of Judith’s card from the friends page, she also uses them a lot! 🙂


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